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Things You Need To Know

What does the H.O.O.D. in H.O.O.D. Therapist stand for?

The H.O.O.D. in H.O.O.D. Therapist stands for "Helping Others Obtain Discipline" and "Helping Others Obtain their Destiny." It represents our commitment to guiding individuals, couples, families, and communities towards overall well-being. 

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with diverse clients of all ages, including adolescents, teens, young adults, and adults as well as couples, families, and communities.  

What is holistic therapy, and how does it differ from traditional therapy? 

Holistic Therapy focuses on healing the whole person, addressing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. It complements traditional therapy by considering the complete well-being of an individual. 

We offer a range of holistic services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and access to healing herbal products. Our goal is to support your unique journey toward well-being. 

What services do you offer at Sacred Lotus Journey, LLC? 
Do you offer online therapy sessions?

Yes, we provide both in-person and online therapy sessions, offering flexibility to accommodate your needs and preferences. 

How can I get started with Sacred Lotus Journey and the H.O.O.D Therapist?

To begin your journey with us, simply reach out via our contact page, email, phone, and requesting a appointment through our service page. 

Is your therapy affordable and accessible? 

We've committed to making our services accessible. Please inquire about our pricing and available payment options, including sliding scale. 

How long does a typical therapy session last?

Our therapy session typically last 45 to 60 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couples, but the duration can vary depending on your specific needs, goals, and crisis intervention. 

How does your approach incorporate diversity and cultural responsiveness? 

We actively acknowledge and celebrate diverse identities, cultures, and experiences. Our approach is eclectic, culturally responsive and affirming, creating a safe and welcoming space for individuals from minority backgrounds. 

What can I expect from therapy with the H.O.O.D Therapist?

In therapy, you can expect a compassionate empathetic, and healing experience. We'll work together to address your challenges, enhance your strengths, and guide you toward holistic well-being and personal growth. 

Tell me more about the Sacred Lotus Journey Podcast. 

Sacred Lotus Journey features a podcast hosted by the H.O.O.D Therapist, where we dive deep into mental health, resilience, personal growth. The podcast blends personal experiences, expert interviews, and conversations with family and friends, creating a unique and engaging exploration of holistic well-being. Tune in to gain valuable insights and discover the extraordinary journeys of those who have overcome life challenges like a beautifully curated lotus flower. 

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